ANS Associates commits to uphold the Supplier Code of Conduct  and will observe the highest principals of integrity professionalism and fair practice in labor recruitment and shall adhere according to the following procedures when hiring:

 Freely Chosen Employment

Forbid using forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary prison labor.

 Child Labor Avoidance

Prohibit child labor to work in any stage of manufacturing.

 Working Hours

Allow at least 1 day off per 7-day week and not more than 60 hours per week.

 Wages and Benefits

Comply with all applicable wage laws.

 Humane Treatment

Communicate disciplinary policies/procedures clearly to workers and avoid harsh or inhumane treatment.


Prevent harassment and unlawful discrimination

 Freedom of Association

Introduce open communication and engagement between workers and management.

Recruitment Fee

 The Company has a written policy declaring that workers shall not pay any amount to secure a job in their facility.

The job advertisements from the company include the statement that no fees shall be charged at any phase in the recruitment and hiring process.

The employer covers all recruitment and processing fees, costs, and expenses, including those associated with securing identity cards, medical certificates and examinations, skills testing, and travel.

 The company has mechanisms to ensure that workers are not charged any amount to secure a job in their facility.

 The company only engages with the source country agents, who do not charge fees to job seekers.

The company acting on its behalf has means of informing job seekers at the point of recruitment that workers do not pay fees or costs for any services directly related to temporary assignment or permanent placement.

The company or receiving country broker has a verification process to ensure that workers are not charged any fees. Workers found to have been charged fees are repaid, and contracts with brokers found to have charged fees are terminated.