The introduction of the Nepalese people to the outside world began with the enlistment in the British
Gurkhas Army in 1841 A.D. serving under British Empire to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore
& the United Kingdom, where they are renowned for their bravery and loyalty Later, with the advent job
opportunities in Middle-East and other countries, Nepalese Manpower was introduced and because
of their nature and ability to perform their task in an effective manner, they have now successfully
gained popularity in the different aspect of the work, over the past years, demand and interest for
recruiting Nepalese worker have increased due to the following reasons:

1.Nepalese workers are renowned for their hard work, loyalty, high sense of responsibility and
2. They are experienced in working in the extreme climatic conditions.
3. They are comparatively cost effective as their hiring cost is lower compared to other labor-exporting
4.Nepal is situated very close to the Gulf continent and easily linked by air with almost all the major
cities of the world.