Several different documents are needed to process your demand as per government rule. We will be able to process your job order once the list of the document is fulfilled.Requirements of legal documents vary country to country. Common to all are 5 legal documents as detailed below. These documents should be in Employer Company Letterhead, properly signed and stamped by company authority. These documents should get attested by Chamber of Commerce &/or Nepal Embassy of the respective country. In case of Saudi Arabia, attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA ) in addition is mandatory. For Malaysia, Notary Public Attestation and Nepal Embassy Attestation are needed.

Demand Letter
A letter from the Employer Company mentioning the number of workers required, salary scale, duty hours, food accommodation & other facilities provided.

Power of Attorney
Authorizing our company to be a true and lawful attorney and agent in this country.

Employment Contract
Service Contract between the employer and the employee mentioning salary and benefits offered to the employee with detailed terms & conditions.

Agency Agreement
The commercial contract between the employer and our agency, duly signed and stamped by both parties.

Letter to the Labor Department of respective country (Guarantee Letter)
The Employer Company should address the Labor Department of Nepal regarding the demand requesting them for further permission from the Government of Nepal.

Please refer to the sample documents below.

Verification of Documents:

On receipt of the manpower recruitment documents from the employer, we approach the Nepal Government’s Ministry of labor for government permission and they may contact the employer directly to verify these documents. On such occasions, we kindly request employer for their kind co-operation with this verification process.